1. Assessment of the country situation (Republic of Macedonia) in the area of breast, cervical and prostate cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


2. Assessment of Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care in Macedonia


3. Evaluation of the project -Improving national response to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


4. Supervised development and implementation of programme plans and activities in close coordination with GIZ Programme Manager in all four programme countries (Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina)


5. Policy Evaluation in the fields of social protection and child protection in the Republic of Macedonia.


6. Draft Chapter on Long-term Care in Macedonia, consolidated and agreed by national partners and provided as an input to the Lead Expert to be fed into the Strategy for Social Inclusion.


7. Preparation of a “country profile sheet on national data collection” about nutrition among youth in EU.

images (1)

8.  How do racism and discrimination affect access to prenatal and maternity care among Romani women in Eastern Europe?   A qualitative study. Yale Global Health Initiative

9. Creation an Index for Social Inclusion on local level: Creating an instrument for assessment of equal approach and fair distribution of local services. Institute EuroBalkan

10. Evaluation of the Project Equal health rights for all, NGO LIL.

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